Art.No B-007
Formula C14H10O4
Conc (% w/w) 1.0% pet
Series B, PG, LU, ICB, NAC, CB
Molality -
MW 242,23
CAS 94-36-0
Hapten Information


This compound is a widely-used initiator, curing agent and cross-linking agent in polymerization processes (primarily in the curing of unsaturated polyester resins, production of polystyrene and related resins, styrene poly- mers and other resins). It is an oxidizer used to bleach edible oils, flour, bread and other food. It is used as a catalyst for radical reactions. It is also used as an initiator in dental applications. In medicine, it is used in non-prescription drugs for the treatment of acne; as an antiseptic and local anesthetic in the treatment of burns and ulcers; and as a keratolytic. It is used in the embossing of vinyl flooring, as a food additive, in special fast- drying printing inks for printing on plastic surfaces, in printing pastes, as a fixing agent in light microscopy, as an initiator in systems used to prepare polymers for roof bolting in mines, as a drying agent for unsaturated oils and as a burn-out agent for cellulose acetate in mixed fabrics with viscose, silk or cotton to produce a lace-like appearance. It is also used as an initiator for addition and substitution reactions in organic synthesis. It was formerly used as a bleaching agent for textiles and paper. Keratolytic agent in acne medications. May cause discoloration of the hair and postinflammatory pigmentation and hypopigmentation. ABCD. ICU.