Cadmium chloride

Art.No C-001
Formula CdCl2
Conc (% w/w) 1.0% aq
Series IMP, MET
Molality -
MW 183,32
CAS 10108-64-2
Hapten Information


This compound is used in photography, in dyeing and calico printing, in the vacuum tube industry, in the manufacture of cadmium yellow, in galvanoplasty, in the manufacture of special mirrors, as an ice-nucleating agent, as a lubricant, in analysis of sulfides to absorb hydrogen sulfide, in testing for pyridine bases, as a fungicide, in the preparation of cadmium sulfide, in analytical chemistry, as an ingredient of electroplating baths, in additions of tinning solutions, in paints and electronic components, as a pesticide, as an insecticide, as a nematocide, as a polymerization catalyst, as an anticorrosive agent and in pigments, glass and glazes, tattoos and paints.