Art.No C-025
Formula C9H8Cl3NO2S
Conc (% w/w) 0.5% pet
Series H, KOR
Molality -
MW 300,57
CAS 133-06-2
Hapten Information


This compound is used as a fungicide in paints, plastics, leather and fabrics, in fruit preservation and as a bacteriostat in soap, shampoos, hair tonics, animal flea and tick sprays. It is used to control diseases of many fruit, ornamentals and vegetable crops. It is also used as a spray, root dip or seed treatment to protect young plants against rot and damping off. It controls a wide range of fungal diseases such as pome fruit rot, shot-hole of stone fruit, peach leaf curl, brown rot of cherries, apricots, peaches, plums and citrus fruit, downy mildew and black rot of vines, early and late blights of potatoes and tomatoes, blight and leaf spot in carrots, anthracnose and downy mildew of cucurbits, leaf spot diseases in ornamentals, anthracnose and leaf spot disease of tomatoes and brown patch on turf. It is used in the topical treatment of fungal infections of the skin. It is also used in pastes for wallpaper, in paint for greenhouses, in medical facilities, in food packaging, in vinyl coated fabrics and vinyl car roofs, in lacquers, in paper, in rubber stabilizers and in polyethylene for garbage bags and pond liners. ABCD