Art.No P-019C
Formula C3H8O2
Conc (% w/w) 10.0% aq
Molality 1,31
MW 76,09
CAS 57-55-6
Hapten Information


Deleted as of January 2017, please refer to P-019A and P-019B instead.


Organic synthesis, especially for polypropylene glycol and polyester resins; antifreeze solutions; solvent for fats, oils, waxes, resins, flavoring extracts, perfumes, colors, softdrink syrups, and antioxidants; cellophane; hygroscopic agent; coolant in refrigeration systems; plasticizers, hydraulic fluids; bactericide; textile conditioners; in foods as a solvent, wetting agent and humectant; emulsifier; feed additive; anticaking agent; preservative (retards mold and fungi); cleansing creams; suntan lotions; pharmaceuticals; brake fluids; deicing fluids for airport runways; substitute for ethylene glycol and glycerol; fermentation inhibitor; as a mist to disinfect air; heat exchangers; as humectant in textiles, tobacco, and pet foods; and in veterinary medicine as a glucogenic (orally) in ruminants.Vehicle in pharmaceutical and cosmetic bases. In food as solvent for colors and flavors. In cooling fluids. UCU