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Art.No O-004
Formula C11H19NOS
Conc (% w/w) 0.1% pet
Series O, PG, SH, ECB, ICB, NAC, CB, PSE, GB
Molality -
MW 213,34
CAS 26530-20-1
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2-Octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one; 2-Octyl-3(2H)-isothiazolone; Octhilinone; Kathon 893; RH 893; Skane M-8; 2-octyl-3-isothiazolone; kathon lp preservative; kathon sp 70; micro-chek 11; micro-chek 11d; micro-chek skane; pancil; pancil-t; skane hq; Kathon 893; Microbicide M-8; Isothiazolone, 2-octyl-; Octyl-3(2H)-isothiazolone, Octylisothiazolinone.


This compound is used as a mildewcide, as a bactericide, as a fungicide, as a biocide in cooling-tower water, in paints, cutting oils, cosmetics and shampoos, and for leather preservation. It is also used as a wound protectant for pruning cuts.

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