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High quality patch testing for skin allergies

We offer the most complete range of high quality products including haptens (incorrectly named allergens from old tradition) and test chambers for patch testing in the diagnosis of contact allergy. The contamination free haptens are produced under strict pharmaceutical control following the GMP quality management system audited by the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA). In addition, our whole operation follows the ISO 13485 and 9001 Quality Management systems. Our products will therefore enable you to perform a valid diagnosis of contact allergy in your patients. Make use of our information including patient information sheets , Safety Data Sheets (SDS), previously called MSDS   and patch test record forms found in the various sections on the site. 

This instruction video shows patch testing in practice using IQ Ultra Chambers.

Chemotechnique Diagnostics, being active for 34 years, is recognized as the world leading patch test producing company with the widest global distribution network and product range. Our commitment is to continue serving dermatology in future years... maintaining our leadership position.

This video is a presentation of the use of Chemotechnique Diagnostics Products 




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