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Art.No A-032
Formula C8H9NO2
Conc (% w/w) 10.0% pet
Series CAD
Molality -
MW 151,16
CAS 103-90-2
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4-Acetamidophenol; p-Acetaminophenol; Apap; Arthralgen; Bancap; Ben-u-ron; Dial-a-gesic; Bickie-mol; Dirox; Disprol; Calpol; Calpol infant; Capital; Cetadol; clixodyne; Dafalgan; Darvocet-n; datril; Doliprane; Dolprone; Dristan; Dularin; Dymadon; Elixodyne; Enelfa; Eneril; Exdol; Febrilix; febro-gesic; febrolin; fendon; Finimal; G 1; Gelocatil; Hedex; Homoolan; janupap; Korum; lestemp; Liqiprine; liquagesic; Liquiprin; lonarid; Lyteca; lyteca syrup; Momentum; multin; N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)acetamide; N-Acetyl-4-aminophenol; NAPA; napafen; Napap; Naprinol; Nobedon; Pacemo; Paldesic; Panadol; Panaleve; Panets; Panex; Panofen; Parmol; pedric; Percogesic; Phenaphen; phendon; Proxyphene/Acetamine; pyrinazine; Salzone; Sinutab; sk-apap; Tabalgin; Tapar; Temlo; tempanal; Tempra; Tralgon; tussapap; Tylenol; Valadol; Valgesic; p-Acetylaminophenol; paracetamol; p-Hydroxyacetanilide; 4'-Hydroxyacetanilide; Parapan; Paraspen; Abensanil; Acamol; Acetagesic; Acetalgin; Acetaminofen; Acetaminophen; algotropyl; Alpiny; alpinyl; alvedon; Amadil; Anacin-3; Anaflon; anelix; Anhiba; Anuphen; apadon; Apamide; 


Paracetamol or acetaminophen, is the active metabolite of phenacetin, a so-called coal tar analgesic. It is an effective substitute for aspirin, due to its analgesic and antipyretic properties. However, unlike aspirin, it is not a very effective anti-inflammatory agent. It is well tolerated, lacks many of  the side effects of aspirin, and is available over-the-counter, so it is commonly used for the relief of fever, headaches, and other minor aches and pains. Paracetamol is also useful in the management of more severe pain, here it allows lower dosages of additional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or opioid analgesics to be used, thereby minimizing overall side effects. It is a major ingredient in numerous cold and flu medications, including Tylenol and Panadol, among others.  

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