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Art.No B-005
Formula C7H6O2
Conc (% w/w) 5.0% pet
Series B, ABS, AC
Molality -
MW 122,12
CAS 65-85-0
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Benzenecarboxylic Acid; Carboxybenzene; Diacylic acid; benzene formic acid; benzenemethonic acid; phenyl carboxylic acid; phenylformic acid; retarded ba; retardex; Salvo; tennplas; Oracylic acid.


Preserving foods, fats, fruit juices, alkaloidal solutions, etc. Manufacture of benzoates, benzoyl compounds, and dyes. As a mordant in calico printing; for curing tabacco; as a standard in volumetric and calorimetric analysis; a pharmaceutic aid (antifungal agent); in plasticizers, perfumes, cosmetics and dentifrices. Cross: balsam Peru. ICU, NICU.

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