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Art.No H-014C
Formula C14H12O3
Conc (% w/w) 10.0% pet
Series C, DS, SU, PP, ABS, CB, INC, NZBS, AC
Molality -
MW 228,24
CAS 131-57-7
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2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone, 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)phenylmethanone; 4-Methoxy-2-hydroxybenzophenone; Benzophenone 3; Escalol 567; Eusolex 4360; MOB; Oxybenzone; Uvinul M-40; Spectra-Sorb UV-9; 2-benzoyl-5-methoxyphenol; cyasorb uv 9; syntase 62; UF 3; advastab 45; anuvex; chimassorb 90; cyasorb uv 9 light absorber; MOD; ongrostab hmb; sunscreen uv 15; uvinul 9; uvistat 24; HMB.


This compound is a sunscreen agent used to protect against sunburn (ultraviolet radiation). It is used to prevent skin cancer, premature aging of the skin and various forms of photosensitivity diseases. It is also used as a color preserver in paints, cosmetics, varnishes, hair dyes and soaps. Common UV-adsorber in dental composite materials and other plastic materials. UV-adsorber in topical sunscreens, moisturizers, shampoos, hair care products, lipsticks, lip balms, nail polish, etc. Cross: dioxybenzone. PA.

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