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Carmine (CI 75470)

Art.No C-059
Conc (% w/w) 2.5% pet
Series AC
Molality -
MW 0
CAS 1390-65-4
Hapten Information
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Natural Red 4, Aluminum lake of carminic acid, Carminate borax, Carmine aluminum lake, FEMA No. 2242, CI 75470, EC No. 215-724-4, Cochineal extract lake, Nacarat carmine


Carmine is a natural bright red dye. It is used in cosmetics (makeup products, hair products and soaps), foods, drinks, drugs, paints and pigments. Carmine is derived from the Dactylopius coccus insect. The female insects are harvested and processed, yielding bright red pigment. The use of carmine is increasing because of use restrictions on the synthetic red dyes, which may be carcinogenic.

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