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Art.No C-035
Formula C10H14O
Conc (% w/w) 5.0% pet
Series DMP, PST, DS
Molality -
MW 150,22
CAS 6485-40-1
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R-(L)-Carvone, 6,8,9-PARA-MENTHADIEN-2-ONE


Substance isolated from spearmint oil. Used in toothpaste. Perfumery Uses : Caraway; Dill; Floral; Natural Notes To Fern And Peppermint; Peach; Peppermint Can Make Natural Notes; Spearmint Natural Occurrence : Artemisa Fergamensis; Bergamot; Cassis; Chamomile Moroccan Wild.; Clove Oil; Eucalyptus Globulus; Ginger Grass; Grapefruit; Juniperberry; Lavender; Lemon; Mandarin; Marjorum; Mentha Cardiaca (scotch Spearmint) 55-70%; Mentha Longifolia; Mentha Spicata (garden Mint) 55-75%; Mentha Viridis (common Spearmint) 55-60%; Orange; Tagetes

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