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Art.No D-065
Formula C16H32O6
Conc (% w/w) 5.0% pet
Series H, GB, ECB, NA, PST, ICB, C, PP, NAC, SU, CB, AC, S
Molality -
MW 320,43
CAS 54549-25-6
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Alkyl(c8,c10)polyglycoside, APG0810, (C8-10)Alkyl ether of corn sugar D-Glucopyranoside, decyl, D-Glucopyranose, oligomeric, decyl octyl glycosides, D-glucose, decyl octyl ethers, oligomeric, Decyl D-glucopyranoside, Decyl D-glucoside, Decyl octyl d-glucose.


Decyl glucoside is a surfactant used as an additive or a co-surfactant in skin and hair products, e.g. in soaps, body washes (for cleansing), wetting agents (in perms), foaming agents ( for shampoos), emulsifiers (in creams and lotions), conditioning agents (in skin and hair-care products).  Decyl glucoside is widely used in many “natural” products because it is of plant origin, biodegradable and considered gentle. Contains 1% sorbitan sesquioleate as emulsifier.

Doctor information:

Variety of Alkyl polyglucosides, for example Octylododecyl xyloside, Cetearyl Glucoside and Lauryl Glucoside.

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