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Art.No D-035
Formula C17H20N4O4
Conc (% w/w) 1.0% pet
Series TF
Molality -
MW 344,37
CAS 3179-89-3
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Disperse Yellow G; Disperse Yellow Z; Yellow Z; Fast Yellow GD; C.I. disperse yellow 3; N-[4-[(2-hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)azo]phenyl]acetamide; 4-(2-Hydroxy-5-methylphenylazo)acetanilide; 4'-((6-hydroxy-m-tolyl)azo)acetanilide; C.I. solvent yellow 77; acetamine yellow cg; acetate fast yellow g; acetoquinone light yellow; acetoquinone light yellow 4jlz; altco sperse fast yellow gfn new; amacel yellow g; artisil direct yellow g; artisil yellow g; artisil yellow 2gn; calcosyn yellow gcn; celliton discharge yellow gl; celliton fast yellow; celliton yellow g; celutate yellow gh; cilla fast yellow g; diacelliton fast yellow g; disperse fast yellow g; dispersol fast yellow g; dispersol printing yellow g; dispersol yellow a-g; durgacet yellow g; durosperse yellow g; eastone yellow gn; esterquinone light yellow 4jl; estone yellow gn; fenacet fast yellow g; fenacet yellow g; genacron yellow g; hispacet fast yellow g; hisperse yellow g; interchem acetate yellow g; interchem disperse yellow gh; intraperse yellow gba; kayalon fast yellow g; kayaset yellow g; kca acetate fast yellow g; microsetile yellow gr; miketon fast yellow g; nacelan fast yellow cg; novalon yellow 2gn; nyloquinone light yellow 4jl; nyloquinone yellow 4j; ostacet yellow p2g; palacet yellow gn; palanil yellow g; pamacel yellow g-3; perliton yellow g; reliton yellow c; resiren yellow tg; safaritone yellow g; samaron yellow pa3; serinyl hosiery yellow gd; seriplas yellow gd; serisol fast yellow gd; setacyl yellow 2gn; setacyl yellow p-2gl; setacyl yellow g; silotras yellow tsg; supracet fast yellow g; synten yellow 2g; synton yellow 2g; terasil yellow gba extra; terasil yellow 2gc; tertranese yellow n-2gl; tuladisperse fast yellow 2g; vonteryl yellow g; vonteryl yellow r; yellow reliton g; celliton fast yellow g; cibacete yellow gba; cibacet yellow 2gc; Disperse yellow 3


This compound is used in dyeing textiles, sheepskins and furs, in coloring polymethyl methacrylate and nylon, and in the surface dyeing of cellulose acetate. Textile dye of azo type.  Stocking dye.

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