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Hydrazine sulfate

Art.No H-005
Formula H6N2O4S
Conc (% w/w) 1.0% pet
Series O
Molality -
MW 130,12
CAS 10034-93-2
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Hydrazinium sulfate; Diamine Sulfate; Hydrazonium sulfate; Hydrazine and hydrazine sulfate; Hydrazine sulfate (1:1); Hydrazine dihydrogen sulfate salt; Hydrazine hydrogen sulfate; Hydrazine monosulfate; Hydrazinium(2+) sulfate; diamidogen sulfate.


In the gravimetric estimation of nickel, cobalt and cadmium; in the refining of rare metals; as an antioxidant in soldering flux for light metals; as a reducing agent in the analysis of minerals and slags; in separating Polonium from Tellurium; in tests for blood; for destroying fungi and molds; in the preparation of hydrazine hydrate. Pressure stabilizer in cutting oils. ABCD

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