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Art.No H-034
Formula C23H32O6
Conc (% w/w) 1.0% pet
Series CS
Molality -
MW 404,5
CAS 50-03-3
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Hydrocortisone acetate, Cortisol 21-acetate, Cortell, Cortisol acetate, Cortacream   


A topical corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties, belonging to the group A type of steroids. Used in medication to treat a variety of skin conditions (e.g., eczema, dermatitis, allergies, rash).
Cross: Budesonide, Fluocinolone acetonide, Hydrocortisone, Hydrocortisone 17-butyrate, Prednisolone acetate, Methylprednisolone aceponate, Tixocortol-21-pivalate, Triamcinolone acetonide


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