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Juniperus oxycedrus extract

Art.No J-003
Conc (% w/w) 3.0% pet
Molality -
MW 0
CAS 8013-10-3
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Oil of cade; Empyreumatic oil of juniper; Oil of juniper tar; Haarlem oil; Harlem oil; Tilly drops; Holland balsam; Silver drops; Silver balsam; Kaparlem; Caparlem; Cade oils; Juniper tar oil; Cade oil; Juniperus oxycedrus l. oil; Cade oil rectified.


Only rectified (with fractional distillation under vacuum) oils obtained by destructive distillation of the wood and twigs of Juniperus Oxycedrus L. should be used. Cade Oil is identical to Juniper Tar, obtained by destructive distillation of the wood from Juniperus Oxycedrus, a shrub related to the common juniper. Rectified Cade Oil is a clear, orange brown to dark brown, oily liquid with an intense tar like, smoky phenolic odor. Its use in perfumery is limited to situations where a smoky leathery, woody phenolic, dry and warm note is called for in forest notes, leather bases, fougeres, pine for men's fragrances and in the imitation of certain essential oils and oakmoss. Cade oil has certain disinfectant properties for which it can be utilized in soap perfumes, for example combined with thyme, origanum, clove and similar phenolic oils, if the discoloration creates no serious problem and with cassia oil, melaleuca alternifolia and ocotea pretiosa. Cade oil finds occasionally use in the flavoring of meat and seafood to which it imparts the smoke note previous obtained in a regular smokehouse. Also used in eczema and psoriatic medications. 

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