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Art.No P-010
Formula C12H10O
Conc (% w/w) 1.0% pet
Series O
Molality -
MW 170,2
CAS 90-43-7
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2-Phenylphenolo-Hydroxybiphenyl; 2-Hydroxybiphenyl; o-Hydroxydiphenyl; 2-Hydroxydiphenyl; 2-Phenylphenol; Torsite; Orthoxenol; 2-Biphenylol; o-Xonal; 1,1'-Biphenyl-2-ol; (1,1-Biphenyl)-2-ol; orthohydroxydipbenyl; biphenyl-2-ol; Biphenylol; Dowicide 1; Hydroxdiphenyl; Hydroxy-2-phenylbenzene; Hydroxybiphenyl; OPP; Phenylphenol; Preventol O extra; Remol TRF; Tumescal OPE; Xenol.


Intermediate for dyes and resins, rubber chemicals, fungicide, germicide, preservative, food packaging. Disinfectant and fungicide for impregnation of fruit wrappers and disinfection of seed boxes. Applied during dormant period to control apple canker. Reagent for the determination of trioses. Household disinfectant; dishwashing formulations. Preservative in cosmetics, cooling fluids, detergents and as agricultural fungicide for citrus fruits.  Photosensitizer. May cause depigmentation.

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