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Art.No C-008
Formula C7H7ClO
Conc (% w/w) 1.0% pet
Series C, H, O, LU, GB, INS, ABS, AC
Molality -
MW 142,59
CAS 59-50-7
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4-Chloro-3-cresol; 4-chloro-m-cresol; 4-Chloro-3-methylphenol; p-Chloro-m-cresol; Methyl-4-chlorophenol; 3-Methyl-4-chlorophenol; 2-Chloro-5-hydroxytoluene; 6-Chloro-3-hydroxytoluene; Chlorocresol; Ottafect; PCMC; Preventol CMK; prevento 1 cmk; Aptal; Parol; raschit; baktol; baktolan; candaseptic; attafact; parmatol; peritonan; Aptal, preventor CMK, raschitk; Chloro-m-cresol.


This compound is used as a lubricant, as an ingredient in various ointment bases, as an emollient to the skin in irritant conditions, as a moisturizer, as a laxative, as a cathartic, as an ocular lubricant and as an ingredient in various pharmaceutical preparations. It is used in cosmetic products, to remove crusts and for chronic constipation. When sterilized, it is used as an aseptic dressing and as a lubricant for catheters and surgical instruments. Fungicide in creams, protein shampoos, baby cosmetics, and cooling fluids. Cross: 4-chloro-3-xylenol. NICU.

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