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Art.No A-006C
Formula C7H7NO2
Conc (% w/w) 10.0% pet
Series SU, PP
Molality -
MW 137,14
CAS 150-13-0
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PABA; 4-Aminobenzoic acid; Chromotrichia factor; Anti-chromotrichia factor; Amben; Paraminol; Sunbrella; PAB; Papacidium; Vitamin Bx; Bacterial Vitamin H; gamma-aminobenzoic acid; 1-amino-4-carboxybenzene; anticanitic vitamin; bacterial vitamin h1; p-carboxyaniline; p-carboxyphenylamine; pabanol; Paranate; trichromogenic factor.


Suncreening agent in cosmetics, moisturizers, shampoos, hair care products, nail polish, lipstick, lip balms, oral vitamin supplements. Used in the manufacture of various esters(local anesthetics), folic acid and azo dyes; in sunburn preventatives; used in laboratories as sulfonamide antagonist; antirickettsial.

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