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Rose absolute

Art.No R-003
Conc (% w/w) 2.0% pet
Series F, INC
Molality -
MW 0
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Rose Oil; Rose oil, Bulgarian; Otto of rose; essence of Rose; Attar of Rose; Oils, rose; Concrete rose Bulgarian; Concrete rose morocco; Concrete rose Turkish; Integral rose; Rose blossom oil; Rose centifolia oil; Rose concrete; Rose Damascena oil; Rose De Mai oil; Rose leaf oil; Rose oil, Damascena; Rose Otto Turkish Extra; Rosewood oil; Stearoptenes, rose; Turkish rose otto; Rosa damascena mill. absolute bulgarian; Rose absolute bulgarian; Attar of roses; Rose oil otto; Rose oil egyptian; Rose oil moroccan; Rose absolute; ROSA DAMASCENA EXTRACT.


Fragrance for use in various perfumes. For flavoring lozenges, ointments, toilet preparations etc. Forms an important part of the conventional rose jasmin complex which is found in countless fashion perfumes. It is used in cassie modifications, carnation bases and fantasy bouquets.
The raw material for this product is made from an solvent extraction of the flowers.
Examples of usage: Carnation Dianthus Oeillet; Violet; Nahema 4.5% of the oil; Orangeflower Fleur D’oranger.

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