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Art.No S-006
Formula C18H38O
Conc (% w/w) 30.0% pet
Series C, INC
Molality 1,11
MW 270,48
CAS 112-92-5
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1-Octadecanol; Octadecanol; Aldol 62; Alfol 18; Atalco S; Cachalot S 43; CO 1895F; Conol 1675; Conol 30F; Crodacol S; 1-Hydroxyoctadecane; Kalcohl 80; Lanol S; Lorol 28; n-Octadecanol; Octadecyl alcohol; Sipol S; Siponol S; Siponol SC; Stearol; Steraffine; Stenol; Octadecan-1-ol.


Lubricant and antifoam agent in cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and in textile oils and finishes. UCU.

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