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BasIQ Ultra



BasIQ Ultra™ (BIQ-U) is a Patch Test Unit especially suited for smaller clinics that do not preload haptens prior to patient appointments or for clinics accustomed to open type Patch Test Units that want to experience the superior IQ experience. BasIQ Ultra™ features the acclaimed IQ Chambers mounted on hypoallergenic premium quality carrier tape.


Adhesive chamber rim

The non-sensitizing medical grade acrylic adhesive helps prevent hapten leakage and enhances the adhesion.


Foam frame for high comfort

The chambers are made of soft polyethylene foam for patient comfort.


Integrated filter paper

The integrated filter paper facilitates handling of liquid haptens.


Aluminum free

BasIQ Ultra™ does not have uncomfortable metal chambers that might react chemically to haptens.


Hypoallergenic material used

BasIQ Ultra™ use non-sensitising medical grade acrylic adhesives and non-woven hypoallergenic carrier tape.


BasIQ Ultra™:

Quantity:                              50 Patch Test Units
Size (mm)                            52 x 125
IQ Chambers / Unit:            10 pcs
Rec. dose / IQ Chamber:     25 μl


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