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The trusted name in Patch Testing

​​Serving dermatology since 1981 Chemotechnique is proudly recognized as the trusted name in Patch Testing. Patch Testing is considered the gold standard for the diagnosis of Contact Allergy. Patch Testing is a provocation test instigating Allergic Contact Dermatitis (eczemas caused by contact allergy).

Alongside providing Products necessary for Patch Testing, such as the acclaimed IQ Patch Test Units and a wide range of Patch Test Haptens, Chemotechnique offers complimentary online services;


• Detailed Patch Test Instructions 

• In-depth Hapten information for each hapten 

• Printable Patient Instructions - an easy way to prepare patients for the Patch Test process

Create a Free Account to access even more tools, such as Patch Test Record Forms and the international Patch Test webshop. Should you have any inquiries or questions - please Contact us!
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