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Gold(I)sodium thiosulfate dihydrate

Art.No G-005B
Formula AuNa3(S2O3)2x2H2O
Conc (% w/w) 2.0% pet
Series DS, DMP, AC, IMP, MET
Molality -
MW 526,27
CAS 10233-88-2
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Goldsodiumthiosulfate, Bis[monothiosulfato-(2-)-O,S]aurate(3-) trisodium; Bis[monothiosulfato)aurate(3-) trisodium; Double thiosulfate of gold and sodium; Hyposulfite of gold and sodium; Sodium aurothiosulfate; Auricidine; Aurocidin; Aurolin; Auropex; Auropin; Aurosan; Aurothion; Crisalbine; Crytion; Novacrysin; Sanochrysine; Solfocrisol; Thiochrysine; Sodium Thiosulfatoaurate; Thiosulfuric acid (H2S2O3), gold(1+) sodium salt (2:1:3).


Gold derivative used for screening of contact allergy to dental gold materials.

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