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IQ Ultra™ Test Instructions

Patch test instructions for IQ Ultra™/IQ Ultimate™


Remove Patch Test 

Haptens from refrigeration


Insert IQ Ultimate™ or IQ Ultra™ Patch Test Unit into the Application Device

Break the perforation of preferred corner

Grip the tape by the detached corner and pull back gently until all chambers are revealed.

Depress the clip on the Application Device 

and slide the tape underneath 

- release the clip

Apply 25 μl of hapten in each patch test chamber starting with the 1st hapten of the series in the corresponding chamber

Depress the clip and carefully detach the Patch Test Unit. Remove the Patch Test Unit from the Application Device


Put haptens (and Patch Test Units if preloading) back in fridge. ! Preloaded patch test units can be stored for < 2 weeks*

* Volatile haptens may never be preloaded.

Position the Patch Test Unit by holding it by its protective cover and apply the patch test unit onto the patient. Remove the plastic corner. Press your palm on the tape for 5 seconds to enhance adhesion. ! Oily skin: Wipe the test site with ethanol before application to ensure good adhesion




IQ Ultimate™ only: 

When all test units have been applied, remove the top-liners with a gentle diagonal motion


Mark the 1st and the 5th chamber using a Chemo Skin Marker. 

! Register the sites location in a 

Patch test record form

After 48 hours: 

Remove the Patch Test Units with a rapid diagonal motion to minimize patient discomfort

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