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Paraben mix

Art.No Mx-03C
Conc (% w/w) 16.0% pet
Series C, GB, PB, HU, SS, S, BS, PST, INS, IS, KOR, LA, SB, ECB
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A mix of preservatives commonly found in cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams, liquid soaps, contraceptives, hair balsam, mascara, liniment, fluor solution, shampoo, ear/eye/nose drops, nose sprays etc.

1. B-020 "Deleted" BUTYLPARABEN 4.0% pet
2. E-010 ETHYLPARABEN 4.0% pet
3. M-012 "Deleted" METHYLPARABEN 4.0% pet
4. P-020 "Deleted" PROPYLPARABEN 4.0% pet

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