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Patch Test Haptens

Chemotechnique offers the widest range of commercially available high quality Patch Test Haptens. The 555+ different preparations are available for purchase in sets of Series or as individual preparations. The composition of the various Baseline Series, as well as the additional occupational and specialist series, has been carefully selected in close co-operation with leading contact dermatitis research groups. 


Highest quality

The haptens are prepared using state of the art technology by grinding/sieving high purity raw materials down to extremely fine particle size. The small particles are homogenized either with high purity grade white petrolatum or with the appropriate highest purity liquid vehicles.


Comprehensive Baseline Series

The haptens in a Baseline Series form the foundation for all routine patch testing. In addition to the International Comprehensive Baseline Series (ICB-1000), we have developed several regional and national Baseline Series in co-operation with local clinics and research groups. These tailored Baseline Series enable efficient routine patch testing with maintained high relevance.


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Patch Test Haptens



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